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Bathurst Community Climate Action Network has been working on a local response to a global challenge for just over 10 years. We're active in a range of areas, from food security and protection of biodiversity, to promoting renewable energy and campaigning against fossil fuels. We have a regular stall at the Bathurst Farmers Markets - come over and have a chat! Take a stroll through our website and consider joining in!



Grey headed flying fox colouring competition 2018

Colouring competion closing Feb 20, 2018.

Let's not follow Trump to nuclear oblivion

By Isabel Higgins 

MEDIA RELEASE - The Drip Gorge Ulan


Media Release

From the Mudgee District Environment Group

28 September 2017

“The Drip Gorge” Goulburn River National Park, Ulan

Land critical for the protection of the iconic Great Dripping Gorge at Ulan is still in the hands of Moolarben Coal Operations, six months after it was supposed to have been be transferred to the state government, according to the Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG).

Save our elms brochure

Spring is coming on, and many elms around Bathurst will once again be under attack.

This is a guide (see PDF file attached) to treating elms for Elm Leaf Beetle. BCCAN does not have the expertise to advise; this brochure is offered for information only.

The Adventures of Wom Wom

Hey kids!

Film maker Simon Saffigna has written to BCCAN about The Adventures of Wom Wom.

Simon writes: We want to help educate children, who are the next generation, on the importance of looking after the environment, their health, the animals and each other. Being a surf film maker and travelling the world, I have witnessed first hand the degradation of the environment, especially the oceans and waterways. I felt compelled to do something. I created a short 6 minute free film based around a baby wombat called WomWom who gives environmental messages to children.

From despair to empowerment

By Tracy Sorensen

Internet trolls are a fact of life. Their provocations shouldn’t be taken personally. But it can get a little spooky when someone downloads a photo of you from Facebook and reposts it with a threatening comment. That’s what happened to me last week, for daring to repeat the scientific consensus on climate change: that it’s happening and human activities are contributing to it.

National Tree Day 2017

The following is a media release from Bathurst Regional Council

Bathurst Regional Council and Planet Ark are inviting residents to take part in a local National Tree Day event on Saturday, 29 July.

This year’s event will take place at O’Keefe Park located along Eglinton Road, Abercrombie. The aim of the event is to assist with rehabilitating the Macquarie River by planting native riparian plants along the banks of the river.

BCCAN Newsletter Number 35 July 2017

Here's our latest BCCAN newsletter, edited by Laurana Smith. Enjoy!

Great turnout for #StopAdani action in Bathurst

There was a great turnout for the Bathurst #StopAdani action at the Commonwealth Bank on June 8, 2017.

The end of the American century

Well, there goes the American century. Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris agreement, where the countries of the world promised to take action on climate change before it’s too late. That’s 195 countries. That represents just about every country on this little blue planet. It includes the big guns – China and India – as well as little tackers like Nauru and Tuvalu. Tuvalu certainly has skin in the game: the waves are already lapping on the doorstep; the government is already making mass evacuation plans for the day it becomes impossible to stay.

BCCAN supports Stop Adani movement

BCCAN joined the fight against the giant new Adani coal mine with a film night and discussion at Rahamim on Tuesday May 9. We watched Guarding the Galilee and discussed the range of negative implications of this project: a disaster for the Barrier Reef, for local farmers, for traditional owners. "Nobody benefits from this other than Adani", one person said.

The gathering also heard from Bev Smiles who, along with Stephanie Luke and Bruce from Wollar, have been arrested under the Crimes Act for "interfering with a mine". They face Mudgee local court on May 17.

Fueling Our Future with electric vehicles

Spark Tank giant cheque
Bobby Bourke

Earlier this year BCCAN received a grant of $5000 via the Sparktank project, an initiative of Skillset and the Office of Environment and Heritage. We used this grant to run a community market research project in which we tested support for the concept of electric car races on Mt Panorama (production and/or dedicated racing vehicles). We did this because we believe that Bathurst's most recognisable icon - the Mt Panorama racing track - must embrace the energy revolution that is now upon us.

Stop Adani!

Bathurst Community Climate Action has joined the national #StopAdani campaign.

Right now, foreign-owned mining company Adani wants to build the biggest coal mine in Australia’s history. The coal from this mine would cook the climate and wreck the Great Barrier Reef.

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