Information about solar panels

While we are great supporters of renewable energy, BCCAN, as an organisation, does not endorse any particular suppliers or businesses.

That said, you may find the following list of companies or organisations helpful as you do you do your own research.

This list is a work in progress.

Suncrowd (Support for community-initiated bulk-buy projects)




The RET: The Facts

BCCAN has produced a 3-fold pamphlet explaining some of the benefits of the Renewable Energy Target.

Please download, print and distribute in the Orange/Bathurst region.

As per the front of the pamphlet:

The RET (Renewable Energy Target)

  1. does NOT cost taxpayers anything!1,2

    yet because of it the solar industry now

  2. in 2012 employed more Australians than coal product, oil & gas extraction COMBINED3

    And that the Abbott Government's OWN modelling shows that

  3. keeping the RET will LOWER electricity prices 4

    and that according to the Clean Energy Council

  4. of all the RET Review submissions 99.5% favoured keeping or increasing the RET! 5

So why on Earth would anyone want to get rid of it?


Read the full pamphlet, including how removing the RET will help accelerate the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

Super "ultra mega" solar farms?

In its first budget announced recently (this week), India's Modi government

"announced funding for a series of “ultra mega” solar PV farms to be located in four Indian deserts, Thar in Rajasthan, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, Lahul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir."

If India is able to build "ultra mega" solar farms within its very populated nation, what about Australia, ever so sparsely populated by comparison? Given the size of the Simpson desert (Australia's 4th largest desert btw), why can't we build 2 or 3 "Super Ultra Mega" Solar Farms?

Or maybe even a few Extra Super Ultra Mega Solar Farms.

Especially as India, a major consumer of Australian coal, is going to ... (wait for it ....) ... double the tax on coal, to help fund their Ultra Mega Solar Farms.

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