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Western Advocate Column 19 Sept 2017 - Horse

Once the horse has bolted you can stand around at the gate, scratching your head, immobilised by the problem. Or you can pretend it’s still there; in your mind you still have a horse.

These are not very helpful responses, but it’s what we’re seeing from our state and federal governments when it comes to coal. Their obsession with the energy source of the past is holding us back in the shift to a cleaner, greener future.

Concept paper - energy security for Bathurst

Energy Security Strategy -  Bathurst Regional  Council concept paper

This concept paper has been prepared by Skillset, Sunny Afternoons and Rural Green Energy. BCCAN was not involved in developing this concept paper and is publishing it here for the community's information.


BCCAN's letter to the 40 candidates in the local council elections September 2017

This is the text of the letter we sent to all 40 candidates for the Bathurst Regional Council elections to be held on September 9, 2017. It was addressed personally to each candidate:

Candidate full name

Candidate mailing address 

Re: Your Policies on Macquarie River and Cities Power Partnership

Dear Candidate,

2017 Council elections: Where the candidates stand on climate change and water

The Bathurst region is gearing up for Council elections (for nine positions) to be held on September 9, 2017.

BCCAN has written to all 40 candidates asking them for their views on two important issues: climate change and policy regarding Macquarie/Wambool river water.

Another reason to keep the RET

If we had abundant solar and wind powered electricity (by keeping the RET), how many industries (and homes) could do without gas?

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that:

"... besides the upward pressure on (gas) prices arising from the shift towards export parity pricing (Gladstone LNG), the public is being hoodwinked by industry on access charges.

The reason the gas lobby wants nobody to notice the drop in demand is that – just as occurred with the gold-plating of the electricity market and the consequent doubling in electricity bills – there is a gold-plating racket afoot in the gas market too. The industry is paid according to its inflated forecasts. So there is no interest in letting on that demand is really in decline.

The magic word in all this is DORC (Depreciated Optimised Replacement Cost). David Johnstone, professor of finance at the University of Sydney, says DORC is deployed by those who own the gas distribution assets to "game the regulator" and fetch an inflated return on their assets."

The RET: The Facts

BCCAN has produced a 3-fold pamphlet explaining some of the benefits of the Renewable Energy Target.

Please download, print and distribute in the Orange/Bathurst region.

As per the front of the pamphlet:

The RET (Renewable Energy Target)

  1. does NOT cost taxpayers anything!1,2

    yet because of it the solar industry now

  2. in 2012 employed more Australians than coal product, oil & gas extraction COMBINED3

    And that the Abbott Government's OWN modelling shows that

  3. keeping the RET will LOWER electricity prices 4

    and that according to the Clean Energy Council

  4. of all the RET Review submissions 99.5% favoured keeping or increasing the RET! 5

So why on Earth would anyone want to get rid of it?


Read the full pamphlet, including how removing the RET will help accelerate the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

Super "ultra mega" solar farms?

In its first budget announced recently (this week), India's Modi government

"announced funding for a series of “ultra mega” solar PV farms to be located in four Indian deserts, Thar in Rajasthan, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, Lahul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir."

If India is able to build "ultra mega" solar farms within its very populated nation, what about Australia, ever so sparsely populated by comparison? Given the size of the Simpson desert (Australia's 4th largest desert btw), why can't we build 2 or 3 "Super Ultra Mega" Solar Farms?

Or maybe even a few Extra Super Ultra Mega Solar Farms.

Especially as India, a major consumer of Australian coal, is going to ... (wait for it ....) ... double the tax on coal, to help fund their Ultra Mega Solar Farms.

Abbott Government fighting the future by axing the carbon price

Repealing the carbon price is an act of policy vandalism, according to central west climate action group, Bathurst Community Climate Action Network (BCCAN). The group says the Abbott government is being fiscally irresponsible, economically stupid and showing dreadful ignorance about what is needed for effective climate policy.

BCCAN President Tracey Carpenter says the repeal of the so-called carbon tax represents a dismal policy failure and the government should be condemned for its complete lack of wisdom and vision on this issue.

Flyers Creek Wind Farm Receives Planning Approval

BY: Cameron Love (Excerpt: article "Flyers Creek Wind Farm wins Planning Approval")

Central NSW Renewable Energy Cooperative (CENREC) Monday 17 March welcomed the approval of the Flyers Creek Wind Farm.

Chair of CENREC Dr Patrick Bradbery said he was delighted that the Planning Assessment Commission had followed the approval from NSW Planning and Infrastructure and delivered its planning determination in favour of construction of the 42 turbine wind farm just west of Blayney.

“It is hoped the wind farm will now go ahead and suffer no further delay.  The last thing we need now is any weakening of the national Renewable Energy Target just as large scale wind projects are about to reach implementation.   The project represents an investment of over $195 million for this region.

“Flyers Creek Wind Farm will be the first opportunity in Australia for a local community to own a share of a commercially operated wind farm,” Dr Bradbery said.

Flyers Creek Wind Farm recommended for Approval



Central NSW Renewable Energy Cooperative (CENREC) today welcomed the recommendation by the NSW Planning Department for approval of the Flyers Creek Windfarm.

A peerless evening

Christopher Monckton’s denial that climate change is human induced is like a snake oil salesman telling you what is easier to hear. Only that this salesman is paid for by those who have a vested interest in people not facing reality says Tracey Carpenter President of Bathurst Community Climate Action Network.

She says the antics of the British classics scholar and hereditary peer would be amusing if his views were not so dangerous.

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