Discussion of raising awareness and education of individuals and groups to help avoid and abate the dangers of climate change and move to a sustainable future.

A peerless evening

20/02/2013 19:47

Christopher Monckton’s denial that climate change is human induced is like a snake oil salesman telling you what is easier to hear. Only that this salesman is paid for by those who have a vested interest in people not facing reality says Tracey Carpenter President of Bathurst Community Climate Action Network.

She says the antics of the British classics scholar and hereditary peer would be amusing if his views were not so dangerous.

Coal seam gas petition

BCCAN is supporting the Nature Conservation Council's petition
Please download and print the petition for parliament and collect as many signatures as possible by Friday, 30 September.
The following is extracted from the NCC's website:
The NSW Premier has pledged that the 'People's Parliament' will debate an issue if 10,000 signatures are gathered on a petition.

Have we been conned? Flannery, Garnaut, Hamilton and McKibben

Have we been conned? Flannery, Garnaut, Hamilton and McKibben Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 At this Sydney Writers' Festival event highlight, 'Have we been conned on climate change?

350 Day

Hi All, just seeing if there were any plans for 350 day? Is BCCAN running an event or is there going to be something on in Bathurst. Cheers James

Chewing the cud at Cafe Kai

02/09/2010 18:30
02/09/2010 22:00

Come to Cafe Kai in George St. for a meal, social interaction and a talk about Water by local environmentalist Ashley Bland.
 Click HERE for more details.

Water - whither?

The next Cafe Chew (August) will be devoted entirely to the subject of water.

It is a hot topic locally and will be nationally too with the Murray Darling Water Management Plan due in the next few weeks and the interest groups are lining up to stake their claims.

I have attached a couple of documents to help those who are interested become better informed so that our discussion can be more fruitful.

A nifty smartphone app

Hi All, just found a neat little smartphone app that puts at your fingertips a truck load of climate data and responses to those skeptical questions: This is the iPhone app but there are other versions for android and nokia phones also works on ipads. Search on the web for as "skeptical science app" Cheers James

National Tree Planting Day

01/08/2010 09:30
01/08/2010 12:00

Bathurstians have their chance to participate in the National Tree Planting Day at Boundary Road reserve.
Great fun for the whole family.
Meet at the top of the reserve, entrance off Boundary Road, just up from the Blayney Road.
Contact Joanna at:

Visiting activist from Scotland at July Cafe Chew

23/07/2010 18:30
23/07/2010 22:00

BCCAN guests at the July Cafe Chew - Friday 23rd of July at Cafe Kai.

Climate Warming for real

 I am back in Dawson City, sitting on my verandah overlooking the Yukon River.  Let me say right off, the Yukon River is a real river not like those muddy trickles that pass for rivers in Australia.  More water would go by my verandah in an average hour than goes down the Macquarie in a month - or two.  But the Yukon River is not looking good.  It's low, very low.

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